Here’s My Story

Vincent McKinnely

I’m Vincent McKinnely, and I’ve been working on trucks since I was a teenager.

My uncle showed me what a winch was and how it worked, and my dad showed me how to change a tire for the first time.

That’s all I needed to get started.

When I was sixteen, my best friend and I bought a junker for about $900.00—all the money we somehow managed to save from our summer jobs.

We had that up and running in no time, and flipped it for a few grand.

But it wasn’t about making money, it was about how being under the hood made us both feel. We wanted to do more, and so we did. We started getting into mods.

Right out of high school, I started working at a bank here in Minneapolis (and still do), but that doesn’t get in the way. He and I still mod trucks and fix them up whenever we get the chance.

Truck Uplift is more about you guys—what’s your project, what do you need to know, and how can we get you to where you want to be?

I wanted to make this online haven for people just like you and me. Here, I share everything from the tools I use to the gear I recommend, right on down to tutorials and instructions on how to get everything rolling.

Let’s start at square one, and take off from there.